Pati and I spent the last week in Malaysia. I have to confess that this wasn’t exactly the plan. The idea was to spend a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur and them move on to Singapore. But unfortunately we had to cancel our trip to Singapore and spent the whole week in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is one of those places that doesn’t receive enough love from travelers. People often spend a short time there if they go there at all. We didn’t plan to spend a lot of time there either but we were kind of forced to stay longer. We didn’t do any tourism at all and we spent most of our time in the hotel, working on our notebooks. So I can’t say anything about Kuala Lumpur from a touristic perspective. But I “lived” a normal life there for a week and I had a chance to meet several Malaysians in the process.
After that, I have to say that people were generally very friendly and I enjoyed my stay in KL. The city has the traffic problems of the big cities, but it felt much less so than other places we visited before in Asia. Maybe that’s because there’s just less people in KL than other big cities we visited previously in Asia.
Again, I don’t know how interesting KL is for tourism. But I found it to be quite convenient for someone who needs to work remotely. It’s not hard to find good and affordable accommodation and many services that I used were efficient.
All in all it was a different week in our trip, but I wouldn’t hesitate to come back in the future if I were just looking for a convenient location to spend some time working remotely.

PS: now we’re in Honk Kong and we’ll be visiting many other interesting places soon, besides Hong Kong itself which is a very impressive city.